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Questions & Answers

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers related to product and installation.
You can also find useful information on how to maintain a device to get the best performance and long cycle life.

Installation Guides & Videos

Here you can find useful step-by-step instructions on how to connect your camera with the power bank, quick and easy instructions, and suggestions, pictures, videos, and the most popular dash cams connections.

Instruction Manuals

Download instruction manual for selected products [PDF file extension].

Power Bank Performance

Check the Power Bank Recording Times and performance after a single charge when is connected to the dash camera on the parking mode, real expectations and tests updated every week, upload your results quick and easy, compare the result with other power bank owners. no Ads, no marketing scam.

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We are here to help you, without waiting time you can immediately speak with one of our specialists who can assist you with installation, step-by-step without waiting time.
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LED Fault and Symptons

Here you can find and recognize faults with your power bank, if your power bank not charging and RED led appear, you can see what could be wrong with the connection and how to solve issues.

Find local auto electrician service

See map with specialists who can help you install car dash cams and power banks into your vehicle.
Call and arrange service. Charges apply.

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All Contact details in one place, including chat, emails, and a simple online contact form with file upload protocol.

Hardwire power bank

See how to connect the power bank directly with your vehicle, by hardwire cable, find useful tips, and tricks.
LiFePO4 6200mAh
LiFePO4 13400mAh Extended
LTO 4500mAh (development stage)
LTO 9000mAh Ext. (development stage)
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