Description: RED LED: Error
Solution: 1) Input voltage is too low (Voltage must be higher than 12V)
2) Temperature is too HIGH or too LOW:
  • Low Temperature limit: 0°C
  • High-Temperature limit: 60°C
3) Input polarity terminals are reversed:
  • Please make sure that the positive and negative terminals are connected correctly (hardwired method only).
4) Short circuit on the output:
  • Disconnect output Green Plug connector to confirm the problem
5) Extended battery pack error:
  • Disconnect extended battery pack
  • Discharge power bank
  • Connect extended battery pack and start recharge process
6) If RED LED is still on please contact us at
Description: Current drop during the charging process
Solution: The Power Bank loses connection with the power source during charging (current drop):
  • Check your car cigar socket connection
  • Clean cigar lighter socket
  • Check car alternator
  • If possible Hardwire the power bank permanently to your fuse box, to make the connection better and more stable.
Description: Internal Battery Cell Calibration is in progress
(The power bank is connected and charging but the GREEN LED fades off and then turns on every 30-60 seconds)
  • power bank capacity is reduced.
  • That could happen when the power bank was discharged and left for a long period of time unused.
  • You can still use the power bank but full capacity is not available until the calibration process will be complete.
Solution: Calibrate the Power Bank
  • Connect the power bank to the power source longer for a period of time
  • Wait until internal cell calibration process will be finished and GREEN LED will stays on.
  • Once when internal cells are calibrated GREEN LED will stay ON permanently.
  • Depends how long the power bank was discharged and battery condition, the calibration process can take up to 5hours.
  • If you can't charge the power bank for a longer period of time, simply use the power bank every day, the calibration process will be continued every time when power source will be connected.
  • if possible charge power bank from home, use power supply compatible with 12-28V (with 5A output or higher).
Description: Charging
Solution: The Power Bank Charge normally, there are no errors or any problems detected, charge process will take up to 80minutes.
Description: The charging process reached 60%.
Solution: The Power Bank Charge normally, there are no errors or any problems detected, power bank is almost fully charged.
Description: Power Bank is fully charged.
Solution: Power Bank is fully charged. No Errors detected.
Description: No LED status could means:
  • Power bank is ready to use and 100% chaged (but not charging)
  • Power bank is discharged
  • Connect youd dash camera
  • Recharge power bank if there is no power provided
LiFePO4 6200mAh
LiFePO4 13400mAh Extended
LTO 4500mAh (development stage)
LTO 9000mAh Ext. (development stage)
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