Do not attempt to do a hardwire installation if you don't have experience,
it is recommended to use a qualified car electrician service to make installation safe, solid, and professional.

We do not take any responsibility for any damages caused by the wrong battery installation.
Installation Guide for Hardwiring the Power Bank
This way of installation must be done by professional Car Electrician only.
Warning: Make sure to install the product only when the engine ignition is turned off.
Connect the charger tip end to the Power Bank Input (XT60 Input / Yellow connector) and connect the other end to the vehicle fusebox according to the instructions explained below. (Please note that the location and appeararnce of the fuse box may vary depending on vehicle make and model so consult the vehicle owner's manual to locate the fuse panel)

Be sure that you are connecting POSITIVE and NEGATIVE charging terminals correctly, please see POWER BANK input connector on the power bank panel, positive and negative terminal have markings as below:
Locate ACC Fuse which will be used to recharge the power bank
ACC (Accessories/Switched power)
[Important!] Power must be supplied only when ignition is engaged, most recomended fuses list:
  • Cigarette lighter fuse (15A or more)
  • Car stereo fuse (15A or more)
  • Power windows fuse (15A or more)
  • Rear wiper fuse - rear only, (15A or more)
  • Power seats fuse (15A or more)
  • Heated seats fuse (15A or more)
  • Heated steering fuse (15A or more)
Refer to the fuse box diagram usually found in the owner's manu-al to locate and connect to ACC/GND terminals.
The connecting fuse location might differ depending on car make and model so check with vehicle owner's manual to find appropriate connectors.
Prepare and connect ACC Fuse
Please choose a relevant fuse type, there are 4 different fuse sizes.
Please use the Crimping tool to secure the naked wire in the fuse piggyback holder.

Please see below how the fuse piggybacks works and where the original fuse must be placed.
Prepare ground terminals as on the picture below,
Use a crimping tool to crimp wire inside the O-Ring holder.
GND: Connect the ground wire to GND connector or to the car chassis/Vechicle ground point (usually found near the fuse box) which must connect to the metal object of the vehicle, please make sure that the metal surface is clear, rusty free and not coated by any type of paint, or clear film.
After connecting power bank by hardwire power cable to your fuse box, turn the ignition on.
Once the power bank receive power BLUE LED will indicate charging process.
The power bank has a built-in 10sec start charging delay timer, which helps you start the engine before the power bank will start drawing power from the car system. That could be useful in wintertime when your car battery has a lower voltage and needs more energy is required to start the car engine.

LiFePO4 6200mAh
LiFePO4 13400mAh Extended
LTO 4500mAh (development stage)
LTO 9000mAh Ext. (development stage)
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