We are proud to introduce our products which is fully manufactured in the United Kingdom, we are spending a long time to develop and test our product performance to make sure that customer satisfaction is on the top level. No more silly prices for the accessories, no more troubles with overseas customer service, no more ignorant for the customers whom the product warranty runs out just after one year (one summer)! We are here in the UK, We have a real manufacturing line. All what you need in any kind of trouble, after-sale support, replacement parts and accessories, and service is also available to all our customers. We are know-how our product works because we have made it. Our Company constantly growing up and very soon we are opening manufacturing lines in other countries such as Germany and Poland. For your satisfaction and to prove that good and latest technology can be made not only in China and Korea but also in the UK. Our Team included British, Polish, and German electronic designers with years of experience, constantly improving and designing new products and new innovative power banks, such as the world-first LTO power bank (available soon), as well as Graphene Technology Cells. We are employing the best electronics engineers in the country, which don't know the word "impossible".

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LiFePO4 6200mAh
LiFePO4 13400mAh Extended
LTO 4500mAh (development stage)
LTO 9000mAh Ext. (development stage)
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